Each of these sequentially numbered coins represents a small link to my daughter Calista, who passed away suddenly in May of 2012. They are also helping to promote awareness of my other brainchild, the Finding Calista Photography Contest. 

Travellers are to take these coins abroad and pass them to fellow travellers they meet, explaining to their new friend that the goal is to carry them on, to pass them on, let them travel farther down the road.

Each time you pass the coin, take out your camera (or phone) and take a “selfie” of yourself, the new coin-bearer, and the coin. Try to capture a back-ground scene that gives a hint of where you and are in the world. Post that picture, recording the sequential number of your coin and your location either directly to the Facebook page for “Finding Calista” or through the contest website .  

It’s just as easy as that: meet a new friend, convince them to be an honorable coin-bearer, take a photograph and post it to Facebook.  That is something many of us do every day as we catch up with our family and friends.

Obviously, the coins are about promoting the Finding Calista Photography Contest. It is also about letting the spirit of Calista travel and see the world the way she truly was destined to do. To paraphrase Banksy, nobody is really dead until we forget their name. Nobody will forget the girl that travelled the world carried by thousands.