Each one of us deserves at least a chance at leaving some legacy to mark our time here on Earth. Calista never really had any opportunity to leave her mark. She just did not have enough time. This contest, born out of her love of commercial product photography, is a pale attempt at giving my daughter her few moments in history.
— Bryce Fleming

Finding Calista is a story of remembrance and love, and a passion for photography. Through the creation of the Finding Calista Photography Contest, the message of Calista and SADS can be spread to the youth of the world.

The Finding Calista Photography Contest is designed to introduce and teach students about Advertising Photography, one of the largest areas of professional photography, and to give students a chance to showcase their photography skills. By teaming up with local advertising firms and photographers, the student entries will be reviewed and graded by a panel of industry professionals, giving the students valuable and positive critiques and feedback. Students will be able to submit a portfolio of up to five submissions to the contest, as long as these photographs have been taken after the opening date of March 1st. An awards gala will be held on May 17, where students and industry can gather and meet, and the winners will be announced.

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